Animal Shelter

The City of Daphne Dr. Albert Corte, Jr. Animal Shelter takes in about 800 to 1000 animals every year. Most have either strayed from their homes or been abandoned. About a third are adopted, rescued or reclaimed. Adopting an animal from the shelter can literally save its life, and our adoptions are relatively inexpensive. You may visit and adopt an animal during kennel hours or at special events.

Dog Running With Boy

Pet overpopulation is on the rise. We are proud to report a decrease in the number of animals coming into our shelter and an increase in the number of animals placed to individuals and rescue groups through our shelter. Technology upgrades and the addition of a dangerous/vicious animal component to the animal ordinance will aid Animal Control Officers to better serve Daphne residents through animal control, ordinance enforcement, and pet adoptions.

Our Mission

The mission of the Daphne Animal Shelter is to render efficient and quality service to the citizens of Daphne by providing protection of self and property from the dangers and nuisance caused by stray animals; to protect pets from the cruelty they may face from irresponsible citizens; to educate the public in the responsibilities of pet ownership, animal control, care and welfare.

Shelter Features

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and the latest in animal care, the shelter features isolated sectional living areas for the animals. This means that each section will have its own ventilation system and water, thereby decreasing the possibility of cross-contamination and increasing the health prospects of our animals.

Shelter Wish-List & Donations

Your donations to the Daphne Animal Shelter are appreciated and are the basis for everything we accomplish on behalf of the animals.

If you would like to help the Daphne Animal Shelter, we love our donors! A Donation Form should be completed and can then be dropped off directly at the shelter during normal business hours or mailed to the Daphne Animal Shelter, P.O. Box 400, Daphne, AL 36526.

The Daphne Animal Shelter always appreciates donations of dog food and cat food. Stop by during normal business hours to drop off much-needed supplies.