Get Involved

Get Involved... Be a Clean Water Creator with us! The City of Daphne Environmental Programs works hard to ensure we have a strong partnership with many area resources, educating our community the best we can.
Clean Water Future

Create A Clean Water Future

Create a Clean Water Future is a public service campaign to help Alabamians learn more about stormwater runoff and its impacts; increase demand for stormwater management programs; and provide tools that empower Alabama residents to reduce polluted runoff in our waterways.
Alabama Water Watch

Alabama Water Watch

Alabama Water Watch (AWW) is a citizen volunteer, water quality monitoring program covering all of the major river basins in Alabama. Their vision is to have a  citizen monitor on every stream, river, lake, and coast in Alabama.

If you're interested in volunteering, contact Environmental Programs.
Recycle Daphne Logo

Recycle Daphne

Recycle Daphne is a program dedicated to the recycling efforts within the City of Daphne. Did you know that over 3,200 tons of materials were recycled or composted through Recycle Daphne!’s efforts last year? By keeping these materials out of a landfill, we decreased carbon dioxide & methane emissions & saved enough energy to power 7,000 Daphne homes for 36 days!

Please call the Solid Waste Coordinator at 251-621-3182 if you have specific questions about your curbside service or to view the current Garbage & Recycling Holiday Schedule, click here.

Invasive Species Management

Invasive exotic plants are those that come from other geographic areas, often other countries or regions of the world, such as Asia. Some are intentionally introduced and other arrive here accidentally. Invasive exotic plants displace native species and alter their natural habitats. As a result, plant community diversity is diminished and wildlife populations suffer.


You can help prevent the spread of invasive exotics by planting only native species in your landscape, remove invasive exotics from your yard and tell others about the problem with invasive exotic plants.

Village Point Habitat Management Plan

The primary objectives of the Village Point Habitat Management Plan (PDF) plan are to guide management of these park lands in such a way that:
  • Restores and sustains appropriate natural plant communities through the control of invasive exotic plant species and planting of appropriate native plants when and where needed
  • Optimizes habitat conditions for wildlife species expected to utilize the habitats present in the parks
  • Provides the public with opportunity for passive recreational activities, environmental education, and enjoyment