Fitness Center Programs

Daphne's Senior Fitness Center provides an all-around fitness facility to help keep the local community in shape and encourage a healthy lifestyle. The fitness center gives you an opportunity to meet people in the area and develop friendships. To become a member just complete the Participant Fitness Waiver Form or call us at 251-620-2400.

Fitness Center Fees - Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually

Category Daily Monthly
Quarterly Annually
Senior (60 years or older)
$2 $10 $30 $115
Senior + Spouse $2 each $12 $36 $134
Guest $2      

Fitness Room Equipment

  • Elliptical machines - 3
  • Recumbent bikes - 5
  • Stair climbers - 2
  • Upright Body Ergometers - 2
  • Treadmills - 5
  • Strength training machines & free weights

Daily Fitness Programs

  7am 8:30am 9:45am 10/10:30am 1:30pm
Monday       Weights Fit 'N Fun
Tuesday Tai Chi Chair Yoga Floor Yoga    
Wednesday       Weights Fit 'N Fun
Thursday   Cardio Yoga Chair Yoga Exercise 101  
Friday Tai Chi Chair Yoga Weights Weights Fit 'N Fun

Other Fitness-Related Activities


Each Wednesday at 9am at W.O. Lott Park (Main Street). For more information, contact local organizer Al Gaurisco at 251-626-2729.


Each Thursday at 8:30-11:30am & Sunday 9am-12noon at the Nicholson Recreation Center. For more information, contact local organizer Sam Holt at 251-545-7362.