Teen/Young Adult Library Services

The Teen/Young Adult department of the Daphne Public Library supplies reading resources, reference materials & exciting events for young persons grades 6-12! Our Young Adult Librarian, Louise Youngblood, has completed her Masters in Library & Information Science and creates a fun & educational atmosphere for teens in the library.

The Library hosts many events/activities for Teens/Young Adults, including Tea & Etiquette demonstrations, First Aid, Safe Sitter Essentials & CPR classes, and Senior Outreach opportunities. There are also many workshops held throughout the year for Soap Making, Art, Science, and more!

Ms. Youngblood also facilitates the monthly Teen Advisory Board meeting & a Teen Book Club several times a month. 

Contact Ms. Youngblood directly at 251-620-2500, ext. 8.

Excerpt from DPL Policy:
Although the Library aspires to acquire and maintain Library materials of high educational, artistic, moral, & social value, the basic guidelines for a child's or young person's reading choices (or other Library materials) remain the responsibility of the parent or guardian. Children under the age of 14 should be supervised by a parent at all times.