Field Operations

Field Operations is broken into three divisions: Criminal Investigations Division, Patrol Division and Records Division and is headed by Captain Judson Beedy.

Criminal Investigations Division (251) 621-2839

The Criminal Investigations Division is led by Lieutenant Brian Gulsby and consists of not only the Detectives Unit but also a Community Resource Unit which is broken into four sections: Code Enforcement, DARE/SRO, School Crossing Guards, and Special Operations. He also supervises the department’s Special Response Team and Honor Guard.

Administrative and technical support is provided by Administrative Secretary Heather deAngelo.

Detective Unit

The Detective Unit consists of a sergeant, corporal, and four detectives. They investigate felonies, such as crimes against persons, burglaries, and robberies. Each detective receives specialized training in crime scene investigation and various investigative techniques to assist them in this assignment. Several of the detectives are members of the Baldwin County Major Crimes Unit.

Community Resource Unit

Code Enforcement: Code Enforcement Officers Matt Creel and Billy Kennedy are responsible for enforcing municipal ordinances such as the prohibition of junk vehicles, loud noise, illegal dumping, land use, business regulations, and conditions deemed to be a hazard to public health, safety, and welfare. For more information, please visit our Code Enforcement page.

D.A.R.E. / School Resource Officers (SROs): Corporal Toby Pearce, Officer Jaime Huffman, and Officer Jacob Kayl team with school administrators to provide security within the unique school environment. They are specifically trained in anti-bullying and early intervention techniques, provide assistance to teachers and school counselors, and serve as positive role models for students. Additionally, Corporal Pearce and Officer Huffman are D.A.R.E. certified instructors and teach this internationally used program that provides elementary and middle school students with the decisions making skills for avoiding drugs and violence. 

School Crossing Guards: Daphne currently has ten School Crossing Guards, who work at various intersections throughout the city, directing traffic and transporting children to and from school safely.

Special Operations: Special Operations includes the department's Homeland Security and Drug Interdiction Officers.

Special Response Team and Honor Guard 

These teams are made up of volunteers from both the Patrol and Criminal Investigations Divisions who participate in specialty assignments in addition to their normal assigned duties. The officers on the Special Response Team receive specialized tactical training and respond to high risk incidents. The officers of the Honor Guard conduct special ceremonies for funerals, memorial services, or presentation of the colors. Most of these officers are veterans of the armed services.

Patrol Division (251) 621-3095

The Patrol Division is led by Lieutenant David Smith and consists of four squads of patrol officers who work 12 hour shifts to patrol the largest city in Baldwin County. The Patrol division works traffic enforcement, traffic accidents, answers calls for police service, serves subpoenas for the municipal court and assists with animal control calls after hours. 

This division also has an Administrative Secretary Tessa Allen who can be reached at the (251) 621-3095 a Patrol Technician Morgan Callaway who can be reached at (251) 621-3197. 

Records Division (251) 621-2809

The Records Division maintains all offense, arrest, and accident reports for the department, as well as the dissemination of these records to authorized agencies and personnel. To request a crash report, please visit: Our Records Technician is Samantha Cooper.

Records Division Public Invoicing Rates / Fee Schedule:

Please be advised that the Daphne Police Department does charge for the reproduction of documents, to include but not limited to, all police reports, audio and/or video recordings, photographs and Total Station equipment use.

A request for records/reports and/or photographs, audio/video recordings, and/or photographs must be made in a minimum of 15 days prior to the date required.

A full invoice will be completed for each request for the documents the requester wishes to obtain. This invoice will be provided to the requester once the entire file has been reproduced and is ready for pick-up. Please be advised that these figures should be used as a guideline for production costs and are determined by the document type and amount of documents contained within that individual case file, as well as other special circumstances.

Below are the associated costs for the reproduction of each type of document, and/or digital document. These costs are subject to change at the discretion of the Daphne Police Department, as necessary.

Total Station use within Investigations:

Reports generated from the use of the Total Station Equipment for the production of an investigation:

Cost:  $250.00 One-Time Flat Rate Fee

The normal production costs for videos, photos and paper copies will apply in addition to the $250.00 flat rate fee for the use of the Total Station.


Reports (paper copies and digital copies) – A page is defined as a black and white single sided copy. A duplex copy (both sides of the paper) is considered two pages. The same fees apply to all digital copies of reports that are provided.

Cost:  $5.00 for 1st three (3) pages of paper                                                                         $1.00 per sheet of each additional page of paper

Video/Audio Recordings:

A fee will be collected for each DVD/CD or digital file containing video and/or audio recordings that is provided. This fee includes the cost of the DVD/CD to be provided by this department. If multiple DVD/CD’s or digital video/audio files are contained within a case, the fee is applied to each DVD/CD or digital file provided.

Cost:  $25.00 each video and/or audio DVD/CD or digital file


Photographs will be released on a case by case basis and may require the approval of a staff member.

Cost:  $5.00 each individual hard-copy color photograph                                                     $5.00 each individual digital photograph contained on a CD/DVD, or released electronically.

CDs or DVDs containing photograph media, or digital copies released, will be charged according to the number of photographs contained.