Field Operations

Field Operations is broken into three divisions: Criminal Investigations Division, Patrol Division and Records Division and is headed by Captain Judson Beedy

Criminal Investigations/Detective Division (251) 621-2839

The Detective Division is led by Lieutenant Brian Gulsby and consists of not only the detectives but also a Community Resource Unit which is broken into four sections: Code Enforcement, DARE/SRO, Warrants, School Crossing Guards, and Special Operations. 

The Detective Division investigates and collects evidence on all felony offenses against persons or property, cases involving narcotics, crimes committed by juveniles, and serious misdemeanor offenses. Detectives also receive authority directly from the Chief of Police to investigate allegations of police misconduct with the overall objective of protecting the public, the department, and its officers, otherwise known as Internal Affairs. 

Administrative and technical support is provided by Administrative Secretary Heather deAngelo.

Community Resource Unit

Code Enforcement: Code Enforcement Officer Matt Creel and Officer Billy Kennedy are responsible for enforcing the laws that prohibit the existence of conditions deemed to be a hazard to public health, safety, and welfare. For More information, please visit our Code Enforcement page.

DARE /SRO: The DARE Program, which was started in the Fall of 1991, is taught presently by SRO Huffman. SRO Huffman works with students, ranging from kindergarten to 12th grade, teaching them to resist drugs and violence, and equipping them with skills to become good role models in their communities. The SRO Program was added in 2002. This program involves a teamwork approach between the school system and Daphne Police Department ensuring a safe school environment where teachers feel safe to teach and students feel safe to learn. The SROs are role models for the school students and serve as policemen by patrolling the school campuses, as well as counselors and teachers.

Warrants: The Warrants Department handles the filing and execution of arrest warrants issued by Daphne's municipal court, which are administered by Warrant Officer. The Warrants position was created in 1996 and has been a tremendous asset to the department. This position is currently vacant and all warrants are handled by a team effort of the Daphne Municipal Court, Patrol Officers and Detectives. If you need assistance with warrants, please contact our dispatch office at (251) 621-9100. 

School Crossing Guards: Daphne currently has ten School Crossing Guards, who work at various intersections throughout the city, directing traffic and transporting children to and from school safely.

Special Operations: Special Operations includes the department's Special Response Team, Tactical Unit, Honor Guard, Homeland Security and Drug Interdiction.

Patrol Division (251) 621-3095

The Patrol Division is led by Lieutenant David Smith and consists of four squads of patrol officers who work 12 hour shifts to patrol the largest city in Baldwin County. The Patrol division works traffic enforcement, traffic accidents, answers calls for police service, serves subpoenas for the municipal court and assists with animal control calls after hours. 

This division also has an Administrative Secretary Tessa Allen and a Patrol Technician Morgan Callaway

Records (251)621-2809

The Records Division maintains all offense, arrest, and accident reports for the department, as well as the dissemination of these records to authorized agencies and personnel. To request a crash report, please visit: Our Records Technician is Samantha Cooper.