Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I obtain a copy of a police report?

You may request copies of police reports by calling, writing, or visiting our Records Division. You may mail written requests to Daphne Police Records, 1502 US Hwy 98, Daphne, AL 36526. Please allow three (3) days from the time of the incident for processing. You may also call 251-620-0110 for more information. For your convenience, our crash reports are available online at:

What should I do if I get a traffic ticket or citation?

If you need information about a ticket or traffic citation, you may contact the Municipal Court of the City of Daphne rather than calling Daphne Police Department. Once the ticket is issued, it becomes part of the court process and is handled by the Clerk of the Court. You may reach them by dialing 251-620-0500.

Is traffic enforcement necessary?

In the United States, there are literally millions of traffic crashes every year, on average more than 30,000 involve fatalities. Studies show there is a direct correlation between the number of crashes and the level of enforcement in a particular area. By enforcing traffic statutes, we hope to reduce the number of crashes in our city.

Traffic stops are one of the most dangerous functions performed by law enforcement. Each year dozens of officers are killed by both gunfire and being struck by other vehicles. Should you find yourself being “pulled over” please follow these safety tips in order to ensure both your safety and that of the officer.

  • Look for a suitable and safe place to pull off the roadway. Slow down and use your turn signals to show your intentions.
  • Do not exit your vehicle unless the officer directs otherwise.
  • Wait for the officer to approach and ask for your driver’s license while keeping your hands on the steering wheel. If the stop occurs at night, please turn on your interior lights so the officer can better see inside the vehicle.
  • If there is firearm in the vehicle, please tell the officer where it is, without reaching for it, and be prepared to provide your concealed carry permit if asked.
  • Be aware that the officer has the legal authority to identify all occupants in the vehicle, as well as the authority to have you or any occupant to exit the vehicle if he/her believes it is necessary for their safety.  

If you receive a citation, and believe you did not commit the alleged offense, you have the right to hearing before a judge. If you feel the officer was discourteous, you may contact the on shift supervisor by calling the Daphne Police Communications Center at 251-620-0911.

What can I do about speeding vehicles on my street?

Officers cannot issue traffic tickets for a violation they did not personally witness. By the time you call us, the vehicle will probably be gone; however, if the speeding vehicle continually returns, call our Communications Center at 251-620-0911 and a police unit will be dispatched as priorities warrant. If the speeding problem persists, you may contact the Patrol Lieutenant at 251-620-0300 and he will determine the best way to remedy the situation.

Residents also have the option of appearing before the Public Safety Committee to request traffic calming devices. The committee meets monthly at the Joseph H. Hall Justice Center. You may email or contact the Public Safety Committee Recording Secretary, Samantha Cooper, at 251-620-0110 for more information.

Are there noise limits in the City of Daphne?

The city noise ordinance prohibits excessive noise levels between 10pm and 7am and places restrictions on loud music from vehicles. You may contact the Daphne Police Communications Center at 251-620-0911 to request assistance.

Copies of ordinances may be obtained from the City Clerk's Office at Daphne City Hall. Call 251-621-9000 for more information.

I want to report the misconduct of a police officer. Who should I call?

The Daphne Police Department demands the highest degree of courtesy and professionalism of its police officers and complaints of misconduct are fully investigated. If you have a complaint, you may call the patrol sergeant on duty at 251-620-0911.

I have a vehicle for sale. Can I park it in a parking lot?

City ordinance prohibits the parking of vehicles for sale in public parking lots or public right-of-ways. In addition, no more than one vehicle for sale may be parked on private property.

If I have a problem with someone, how do I know if it is a police or civil matter?

Most situations involving tenant/landlords, child custody, or consumer/contractors are considered civil matters, over which the police have no jurisdiction. Police officers are not allowed, nor are they qualified, to dispense legal advice. If you are in doubt about your particular situation, call 251-620-0911 and speak with the Patrol Division supervisor on duty or contact the Detective Lieutenant at 251-620-0150. Always call us if you feel your civil matter may deteriorate into a situation requiring police attention.