Reclaiming Your Lost Pet

,If your pet is impounded by Daphne Animal Control, you will need come to the Daphne Animal Shelter during normal business hours, Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm to reclaim your pet. (Note: we are closed Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.)

What You Need to Bring to Reclaim Your Pet

  • A Drivers license or ID with your current address listed on it (Note: if your ID address is not current, you will need to bring something with your name and address printed on it, such as a utility/public service bill or phone bill.)
  • Payment for Reclaiming Fee Total (see below on how to calculate the total fees) by CASH OR CHECK ONLY 

Fee Calculations

The standard Impoundment Fee is $25 per pet plus an additional $4 for each day of boarding, including both the day your animal was impounded and the day you claim your pet. If your pet is in any violation of the Animal Ordinance, you will be issued a citation for that violation at the time you pick up your pet.

Example – If your dog is found running loose in the city, you will be required to pay the Impound Fee ($25) plus the ($4 boarding fee per day) and be issued a summons for Leash law violation at the time you pick up your pet.

Total for one (1) day $29, plus a summons.

** If you are issued a citation for any animal violation, you will not be able to pay the Citation Fee at the Animal Shelter. Instead, you will need to mail the fine payment or appear in person with payment at the Daphne Municipal Court, 1502 US Hwy 98, Daphne, AL 36526.

Processing Procedure

Cats and dogs impounded by Animal Control Officers (ACO’s), police officers, or the general public shall be logged at the Animal Shelter. Each animal will be assigned a number for tracking purposes and then placed in the quarantine room for observation for ten (10) days. During this time, ACO’s will monitor the animal for vicious tendencies and disease.

The general public is NOT allowed to access the quarantine room. The general public is only allowed access to the adoption areas.

At the end of the quarantine period, the animal shall be moved to an adoption pen or to euthanasia, whichever is deemed necessary. Prior to moving a dog to the adoption pen, it will be bathed, dipped, and examined for fleas, skin diseases, etc. The puppy pen will be used for small puppies or for a mother dog with new puppies.

Owned Animal Surrender

The Daphne Animal Shelter will take owner pet surrenders if there is a proven medical hardship. Owners desiring the release of their animal(s) to the shelter will sign a surrender form, releasing their ownership and rights as owner. Persons turning in stray animals, or animals where the owner is unknown, will also sign the surrender form and will be required to show ID and proof of residency within the Daphne city limits.