Recycle Daphne

PW RECYCLING Change of Service Apr2020 HEADER


In an effort to alleviate employee contact with bins & materials and facilitate transition to automated recycling collection, the City Council mandated the following changes to the Daphne recycling program:

• All material must be placed inside a city provided blue rolling recycling cart (recycling bins & loose materials are no longer allowed)

• Your recycling cart should be placed curbside on the same day as your scheduled garbage collection (there will no longer be a separate recycling collection day)

Changes will go into effect Monday, April 13, 2020.

Your city provided recycling bins may be exchanged for a rolling cart. To schedule an exchange or with any other questions, contact Daphne Public Works at 251-620-2100. Thank you for your understanding of our need to protect both our citizens & employees during these challenging times.

(See Resolution 2020-24 adopted April 6, 2020)

To view a copy of the Daphne Recycling Change Notice, please click here.

Cardboard & Aluminum Recycling

Did you know that City of Daphne residents are able to recycle cardboard, aluminum, stee, paper and electronics at our Public Works drop-off location? Our recycling drop-off area is open for these items only Monday – Friday, 7:30am – 3:30pm and is located at 26435 Public Works Road. Look for these signs at the drop-off location.  If you have any additional questions, please call Daphne Public Works at 251-620-2100.

Frequently Asked Questions About Recycling (April 2020)

Q: Where is the recycling going?

A: The City currently takes all collected recycle material from your residence to the landfill. Due to a fire at our recycling facility in December 2019, we presently have no way of getting the material to a recycling processor.

Q: Why is the recycling being picked up by a garbage truck?

A: For the protection of our employees from exposure to the COVID-19 virus, the use of strictly automated vehicles alleviate employee contact with bins and materials. These temporary changes were implemented by the City Council to address immediate safety concerns requiring changes to the current Daphne recycling program.  (See Resolution 2020-24 adopted April 6, 2020)

Q: What day is my recycling day?

A: Your recycling day will be the same day as your current garbage service day.  Effective Monday, April 13, 2020, there will no longer be a separate recycling collection day. 

Q: Will the City of Daphne continue to offer curbside recycling?

A: We will continue to pick up recycling materials from your residence.  For the present, all recycling materials will be taken to the landfill for disposal. As per City policy, all material must be placed inside a City provided blue rolling recycling cart and be placed curbside by 7 a.m. 

Q: Why can’t I continue to use my recycling bin?

A: The City is moving to an automated and more cost effective system, using an upgraded fleet of vehicles, which will alleviate employee contact with recycling and garbage carts and materials.      Recycling bins are not compatible with the automated equipment, and thus a recycling cart is required.

Q: What is the difference between a recycling cart and a recycling bin?

A: A recycling bin is a small open blue container measuring approximately 15”x22”x12”.  A recycling cart is a tall blue wheeled container with a lid (similar to the City provided garbage cart, but blue).

Q: Can my recycling bins be replaced with a recycling cart?

A: Your City provided recycling bins may be exchanged for a recycling cart.  To schedule an exchange, please call Public Works at 251-620-2100.

Q: What do I do with my recycling bins that I may no longer use?

A: All recycling bins that have been procured from the City may be exchanged for a recycling cart.  If you no longer wish to recycle or do not have a need for a recycling cart, please return your bins to the City of Daphne.

Q: Can I get an additional recycling cart?

A: During this conversion process, we will not be able to offer additional recycling carts.  We will provide information to citizens on how they may obtain additional recycling carts once the conversion process is complete.

Q: If I place items next to the recycling carts, will they be picked up by the automated truck? 

A: All items must be placed inside recycling carts.  The recycling carts are compatible with the new automated equipment.

Q: Can I use my recycling cart for overflow of my garbage?

A: It is not recommended, but may be necessary for some citizens.

Q: How far apart do I need to space my recycling and garbage carts?

A: Your garbage and recycling carts should be spaced a minimum of 4 feet away from each other.  There should be a minimum of 4 feet between your carts and other stationary objects, i.e., mailboxes or vehicles, to allow for pick up by the automated trucks.

Q: When will the recycling program return?

A: Efforts are currently underway for design of the new facility.