Restoration & Water Quality

The D’Olive Creek Watershed


Over the last 40 years, the D’Olive Creek Watershed has seen a transition of land use from farming and forestry practices to residential and commercial developments. This change in land use has resulted in more impermeable surfaces (roofs and roads) resulting in increased volumes and velocities of stormwater entering the creeks contributing to the following:

  • loss of natural wetlands and riparian areas
  • inadequate natural flood plains
  • water quality impacts to the creek and Mobile Bay
  • threats to aquatic and wildlife species survival and habitat

Restoring D’Olive Creek Watershed Over the past 10 years, the City of Daphne has partnered with the Mobile Bay National Estuary and other federal, state and local groups to restore D’Olive Creek Watershed and it tributaries - Tiawasee and Joe’s Branch.  The partners’ efforts have resulted in millions of dollars worth of restoration funding.  Because of these efforts, D’Olive Creek Watershed is on the path to recovery. 

For additional information regarding local watershed restorations, including videos and strategy plans, visit the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program's page.

Joe's Branch

201469 DOlive Creek Joes Branch2

D'Olive Creek at Tiawassee

Dolive Creek at CR 13 2