Who can vote?

Persons 18 years of age or older are eligible to vote if they are a registered, are a qualified voter of the State of Alabama who has resided within the corporate limits of the municipality for 30 days or more immediately preceding the date of the election, and are qualified to vote in the County precinct which embraces and covers that part of the municipality in which the elector resides.

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1. When is the municipal election?
2. If I want to run for municipal office, what is the time period for qualifications?
3. Where do you go and who do you see to qualify to run for office?
4. How much is the qualification fee?
5. How often do citizens vote for a new Mayor and Council?
6. How is my voting district determined & where do I vote?
7. How do I find out which district I am in?
8. How do I get an application to vote Absentee?
9. How do I vote by Absentee Ballot? What is the procedure?
10. Who can vote?
11. Where can I get an application to register to vote?
12. What is the deadline for registering to vote?