Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs)

What is a Low Speed Vehicle (LSV)?

A Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) is a four-wheeled motored vehicle with a top speed between 20 & 25 mph, with a gross vehicle weight rating of less than 2,500 lbs and meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

There are multiple regulations and requirements involved when operating a LSV within the City of Daphne limits, and it is important to be aware of each.

The terms LSV and Golf Carts are often used interchangeably. 

There is no provision of state law that permits the use of vehicles intended to be operated on golf courses to be driven on public roadways.


Requirements for LSV Roadway Operation

LSVs MUST BE registered and tagged through the Baldwin County Judge of Probate’s Office in order to legally operate within the City of Daphne limits.

Registering your LSV

In order to obtain a license plate, the Low Speed Vehicle must have a 17-digit vehicle identification number (VIN) that meets expectations of the National Highway Safety and Traffic Administration. You will be required to have a Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin.

Required LSV Safety Equipment

All Low Speed Vehicles are required to have the following:

  • A windshield meeting Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
  • Seatbelts for each seat/passenger
  • Side view and rear view mirrors
  • Headlights, tail lights and brake lights
  • Front and rear turn signals
  • A parking brake
  • Reflectors

General LSV Operation

  • LSVs are subject to all state motor vehicle statutes and rules of the road
  • LSVs may only be operated by licensed drivers
  • LSVs may not be operated on sidewalks
  • All Child Restraint Regulations apply to LSVs
  • LSVs should not be operated on streets with a speed limit above 35 mph or in a manner that otherwise restricts the normal flow of traffic

To view the complete Operation of Low Speed Vehicles Rules & Regulations brochure, click here.

As with any vehicle on City of Daphne roadways, if you should see anyone of any age operating a LSV in an unsafe manner, please contact the Daphne Police Department by calling 911.

If you have general questions regarding the operation of LSVs, please call our non-emergency line at 251-620-0911 during normal business hours.