Bureau of Fire Prevention

Responsibilities & Services

The Bureau of Fire Prevention is a critical component of the Daphne Fire Department's effort to protect the city's citizens against the loss of life and property. This is done through its enforcement of the Municipal Fire Codes and by conducting fire and life safety inspections of businesses, schools, hotels, and all other public places of assembly within the city. Inspections are done on an annual basis to ensure that each entity complies with all required fire codes.


Some of the primary responsibilities of the Bureau of Fire Prevention are as follows:

  • Plan review: Reviewing all new construction for fire code compliance
  • Fire/Business Inspections: conducted on all businesses in the City limits of Daphne annually
  • Final Inspections/Certification of Occupancy: conducted on all new businesses in the City limits of Daphne
  • Fire Protection Permits: for installation and servicing of any type of fire protection system
  • Fire Investigations: determine the cause and origin of all structural fires in the City limits of Daphne
  • Fire Prevention: conducting fire safety programs for school age children, as well as adults
Currently, the City of Daphne has adopted the 2018 International Fire Code with Amendments and Appendices A,B,C,D,I and N.

Required Permits

The following is a list and links of permits required by the City of Daphne. To apply for a permit, please complete the appropriate form(s) below and return (with fee, if applicable) to:

Bureau of Fire Prevention, P.O. Box 400, Daphne, AL 36526

Installation Permits

Inspection/Service Permits

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Burn Permit Applications

A Burn Permit must be issued for any outdoor burning activity within the City of Daphne limits. A copy of the burn permit must be approved by a member of the Daphne Fire Department (available from any Daphne Fire Station) and must be on site during the burn. A copy of the Burn Permit Application can be found here.

For more information, visit www.forestry.alabama.gov or contact the Fire Marshal's office at 251-620-0781.