Community Education & Training Programs

The Daphne Fire Department is committed to providing our community with every possible tool to help them survive a fire or emergency. We are currently providing many methods of training, community programs, and services to our citizens.

First Aid Training: American Heart Association

Every parent or caregiver should take this course. Learn how to stop bleeding, care for burns, bites and stings, take care of fevers and colds, or handle major medical emergencies such as strokes or heart attacks. Children are more than welcome to attend. Classes are taught at the Daphne Fire Station Number 1/Training Center every month. Certification cards are available for $30. Call 251-620-0720 for more information.

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Training

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is a simple skill that is easily learned in a one-session class. During CPR, mouth-to-mouth breathing and rhythmic chest compressions are used to supply oxygen to the brain and other vital organs of a person whose heart has stopped pumping. This can buy the precious time needed until help can arrive.

The course is taught using the American Heart Association's standards and a Heartsaver CPR certification card upon completion is available for $30 ($15 for healthcare provider). The classes are held at Fire Station 1/Training Field. Please call 251-620-0720 to register for a class.
CPR First Aid Class Schedule 2023

Yellow Dot Program

If you or your loved one is not able to communicate following an accident, a small yellow dot sticker placed on your vehicle’s rear window will alert emergency services personnel to look for a yellow folder in your glove compartment. The folder contains your current medical information, a photo, your hospital preferences, and loved one’s contact numbers. Come by the Daphne Fire Station Number 2 to pick up your sticker, have your photo taken and fill out a short registration form. There is no cost for this program. 

Child Car Seat Inspection

Did you know that nearly 90% of all installed car seats are installed improperly? During a recent car seat installation class, only one car seat of 70 total car seats was installed correctly. Improper installation can worsen injuries, and can potentially lead to death of a child.

All Daphne Firefighters have attended a 40 hour class which has taught them how to properly install any car seat. Their training further helps them identify unsafe car seats or improperly mounted car seats. Can you imagine someone spending 40 hours with you, and your child? Come by any Daphne Fire Station anytime and we will inspect your car seat or assist you with proper installation.

For additional information, please visit the Safer Car website.

Home Safety Inspection

The Daphne Fire Department provides, free of charge, home fire safety surveys for our residential citizens. Provided upon request, the program enables fire department personnel to walk with you and your loved ones through your home pointing out important safety tips. Informational brochures will be provided and all comments are purely suggestions on ways to improve safety in your home.  To schedule a Home Safety Inspection, call the Daphne Fire Department at 251-620-0720.

Smoke Detector Installation

If you do not have smoke detectors in your home, we will gladly come to your home and install free smoke or carbon monoxide detectors. We can help change your smoke detector batteries and will provide a free fire safety inspection for any residence within the City of Daphne limits. Don’t wait - call 251-620-0720 for an appointment today.

Blood Pressure Screening

High blood pressure can lead to damaged kidneys, eyes, or heart, and can even lead to a stroke. Fire department Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Paramedics are available to screen for high blood pressure (hypertension). Come by your local fire station anytime. We also do weekly blood pressure checks each Monday at 10am at the Daphne Senior Center.

Fire Extinguisher Training

Learn the proper usage of a portable fire extinguisher. Protect your home and businesses by training your personnel on the proper usage of a fire extinguisher. Call 251-620-0781 to schedule a class for your or your group.

Home Fire Safety Training

The Daphne Fire Department provides training for young children and teens on what to do in case their home ever catches fire. We will train them to evacuate the residence and seek safety for themselves and loved ones. If you would like to schedule fire safety training for your child, teen, or group, call 251-620-0781.