Home Fire Safety

In case of a fire in your home:
  • Get out IMMEDIATELY - don't pause to gather belongings
  • Teach your children NOT to hide, but to get out right away
  • Escape FIRST and then call for help
  • NEVER go back into a burning home for any reason
  • If someone is missing, tell arriving firefighters - they are trained and equipped for rescues
It's important to remember that going back into a burning home can be deadly:
  • Heat from a fire can scorch your lungs and melt clothes to your skin
  • Breathing even small amounts of smoke can make you confused or pass out

Caught in a Fire

If you get caught in a house fire, follow these important steps:
  1. Feel the Door Handle
    • If the door handle is hot, don't open it - instead, go to a window and crawl out or call for help
    • If the handle is NOT too hot, open cautiously
    • Check for smoke or fire before going out
    • Yell "FIRE!" as you leave to warn others
  2. Crawl Low to The Floor
    • Thick smoke can make it impossible to see
    • Toxic chemicals from smoke can be deadly in minutes
    • There is more apt to be a small space lower to the floor for you to breathe
  3. Close the Door Behind You
    • You may help keep the fire from spreading
    • You may protect your possessions from fire and smoke damage
  4. If You Can't Get Out, Get Someone's Attention
    • Yell, scream, or call 911 from your phone
    • Hang a sheet from the window
    • Stay low, there is less smoke and poisonous gasses closer to the floor

Make a Plan for Your Home

  • Check to make sure your smoke alarms are working - change the batteries once at least once a year
  • Find all possible exits from your room or residence (windows and doors)
  • Make a fire escape route plan that includes two escape route options in case one is blocked during a fire
  • Practice your fire escape route plan with your family and children
  • Perform a "home inspection" for fire and safety hazards, such as: overloaded electrical circuits, space heaters near combustible items, lit candles or unattended cigarettes, and contact the Daphne Fire Department for more information.
In the event of a fire, your house will be inaccessible due to power outage, fire debris, water and lingering smoke. The fire department is committed in helping you during this stressful time, we help you make arrangements for food and shelter and in getting you in touch with local resources.
Home Fire